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The baseball season is drawing to a close, but there are so many photos that the fun continues. Check back for new ones - but for now go look at past year's seasons here, there are so many memories there from a decade of Denville Sports!

See you at the games and don't forget to like my Facebook page to get current statuses and news.

  • Just a few more...

    By Joe / 2014-07-26 00:21:20

    Just a few more photos from todays Denville vs ParTroy West game.

  • Still swinging

    By Joe / 2014-07-25 03:53:25

    There are still games to be played and photos to take. Come see Denville vs Rockaway from July 24th, and all the other season's photos!

  • Thank you

    By Joe / 2014-07-06 18:30:36

    As the baseball season draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" to all of you. Without the "shoot2please" fans out there, I doubt I would take so many photos of all these great athletes. Thank you coaches who support me and inform the parents of the website, and thanks to the parents and athletes that come after every game to look for their photos.

    If you have games still being played that you want me to shoot, you will have to let me know - Coach Jay has sent me his schedule - if other games are being played I will be more than happy to shoot them, I just need to know when and where.

    Keep looking at the site for new content. Great season, thank you all!

  • Memories are here now

    By Joe / 2014-07-03 14:57:12

    Memories are moments in time long past. Create them by saving the moments now so that you can share them later.

  • New photos-All Stars and Fireworks

    By Joe / 2014-06-28 19:13:28

    The All Stars battles E. Hanover, come see the action at along with other season's games. Also, take a look at the fireworks in Denville and other Denville photos here

  • The photos never stop

    By Joe / 2014-06-28 13:46:23

    Whether it's baseball, softball or fireworks,the photos keep coming. Make sure you look through the many galleries - there are memories from years passed as well as the current ones. Enjoy!

  • Softball Tonight

    By Joe / 2014-06-23 01:05:33
    Caught some softball tonight, great athletes and a perfect night to watch them all. Come the photos here -> — at Gardner Field.
  • 12u All Stars Game

    By Joe / 2014-06-21 02:06:25

    I was able to shoot the 12u All Stars on Field 2. Then it got dark and it became harder to shoot, I wish I could have squeezed in the 11u on field 1 - but the light just got away from me. Enjoy the photos and let me know of games you want me to shoot!

  • Final games?

    By Joe / 2014-06-20 22:56:01

    If I don't know about the game I will probably miss it. If you want me to shoot , let me know I will try and make it. Have fun and see you there!  PLAY BALL!

    Browse all the years of Denville Sports at

  • Pride Council vs Denville Auto

    By Joe / 2014-06-17 00:43:44

    Come see the latest photos, memories you'll keep forever...

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Denville News

  • The Denville Police responded to a residence on Southwynde Drive for a report of a subject shining a flashlight into the bedroom window on July 22. While speaking with the resident, it was learned that not only was someone shining a light into her bedroom but he was also observed...

  • Miss Kathleen Mercedes Dura, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dura of Stockton, was married on Sunday, June 1, 2014, to Richard Samuel Ottens.

  • More than 150 athletes had signed up in advance for the second annual 2014 Denville Triathlon, which had competitors race through Cook's Pond, then bicycle and run through the township July 27. Participants observed a moment of silence for firefighter Joseph Arcoleo, who suffered a heart attack and died while...

  • This isn't polite tea-and-crumpets theater. This is high-adrenaline live spectacle for fans of comic books, blockbuster movies, video games, and martial action.

  • A jury convicted a New Jersey man on Wednesday of murdering his ex-wife, who he called a messy housekeeper and whose body was found stabbed 84 times and wearing a pig mask.