Catch the last games played on Veteran's Field by our JV and Varsity and Rose Ceremony for the varsity team.

First games I was able to catch, Oct 16th, SPW and PreClinic. Come look at the action captu

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Purchase a whole gallery of photos!

There is a new purchasing option available on shoot2please, great for teams or groups to be able to purchase a large number of photos at a reduced cost, or a fan who wants the digital memories forever. You may now purchase a whole gallery and quickly and easily download an entire gallery of full-quality photos by yourself.


On the top-right of any gallery, you can press "Buy Photos" and then "Buy Gallery Download". We will process each image and create a zip file for you to download. The two options are 'High Resolution' or 'Original' and are priced at $150.00 or $195.00 respectively.


More choices means more memories for you to own. Shoot me an email if you have any questions!


Purchase single digital photos!

If you prefer to own the digital file of the photos you love, we offer three choices. Digital downloads of single photos for $5, $10 or $15.

If you would like to share your low resolution photo on Facebook or other website, pick the $5 option. This option is not recommended for printing your photo.

For small prints, such as 4x6, choose the high resolution, 4 megapixel $10 option.

If you would like the full, original resolution image, the $15 option gives you the original photo - usually shot on a 25 megapixed digital SLR.

All these choices are available in the cart when you select a photo to purchase. The downloads are immediate once payment information is supplied.


FREE digital photos!

If you place an order of $50, you get your choice of one photo you purchased emailed to you in digital format. For every $50, choose one photo from your order and I will email it to you, free. The photo needs to be in the order you placed and you must email me your choice. Enjoy the memories!

Magazine covers as gifts!

I wish I could make a custom poster or magazine cover for every player and cheerleader - but I cant, there are just too many of them! BUT - if you tell me the photo you like to be made into a cover, I can create one for you. Imagine this in a nice frame and gift-wrapped as a gift for a grandparent or parent or an aunt or uncle.

I can tell you from experience, there is no more cherished gift than a memory of when they were little! Make it even more personal by having them sign it. Send me an email with the photo you want and that gift is yours. The cost is only around $25 - there's nowhere else that will deliver this quality at this price!

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