If you are looking to get the most 'bang' for your buck, buying a whole gallery may be the way to go. Every photo can be downloaded, full original resolution. If you choose to print the photos through my site, they will be at a extremely reduced rate, or you can take them to any photo-printing service of your choice.

Here is how it works:

  • One gallery is $195.00. With this purchase, I will place all the photos from the gallery you choose into your own private galley.

  • Once the first gallery is purchased at $195.00, you can add additional galleries at only $45.00 each. Talk about a bargain!

  • The photos are yours to keep digitally and share with family and friends.

  • The fully open gallery can be shared with friends, family, team mates, etc. This makes it perfect for groups to purchase. such as teams and parents.

  • While I retain all copyrights to the photos, they may be used any way you like - as long as the usage conforms to the license - which basically restricts only commercial use.

Once you purchase the gallery or galleries, I will ask for the galleries you would like - all I need is the name which is on the top of each gallery, such as "2013-11-09-Varsity_vs_Rockaway"

Simply choose the option on the right and add to your cart. You can pay by PayPal or any credit card you prefer.

Thank you

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Gallery name, if known.
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