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Simple Pricing

I have a very simple pricing structure. The most popular sizes are listed below.

Other products are available for sale, such as holiday cards etc.. To view all the products, simply place a photo in your shopping cart to view all available choices.

If you are looking for specialty gifts, such as mouse pads, pre-framed photos or other popular items, please send me an email.


4 x 6..........$3.00

5 x 7..........$4.00 - $4.50

8 x 10........$9.00 - $9.50 

11 x 14......$14.50 - $15.50

Magazine Covers

8 x10 ........ $23.00

11 x 14.......$27.00

16 x 20.......$40.00

Request to shoot game

If you would like me to shoot a game, please schedule a time with me by emailing me with the information. A $40.00 fee is charged for the booking if within 30 miles of Denville, and I will make the game photos available for purchase on my website.

Photo Downloads

Hi-Res 4Mpix....$10.00 ea.

Original..............$15.00 ea.

Whole Galley Downloads

$150.00  -  Whole gallery - High Resolution - Up to 4 Megapixels in size, suitable for making larger prints *

$195.00  -  Whole gallery - Original Resolution - Your download will be the largest file your photographer provides *

* - Pricing applies only to Baseball, Football, Lacrosse and other sports games. Other galleries such a events and special shoots are priced differently. Great for teams or groups to make available to all players and parents. Prints through the site would also be at a much reduced rate.

Purchase all photos in a gallery
Gallery name, if known.

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